A global pandemic in a foreign country

So, hey, it’s been a while… Huh?

I’ve really gone through a lot these months and I forgot to write in here.

I decided to go to Spain just for Christmas with my family and then I came back. New year passed and I spent it here, in Croatia.

I finally decided I want to stay after the EVS here, at least for now, so I started looking for a job, an apartment, telling my family about it. It’s weird to think about it and, still, I’m really excited.

On the other hand, the EVS is coming to an end it makes me quite sad. I’m learning so much… And now we have to deal with this Coronavirus thing our last months volunteering in OBC.

This has really tested my ability to calm down when the situation gets really crazy. I was really scared for a moment: my whole family in Spain, where the quarantine is very strict and a lot of people are dying… I really panicked.

Plus, we had an earthquake the first day of confinement in Croatia. That day I thought I would break down from how scared I was. Luckily, I wasn’t alone and my friends helped me go through it.

It’s weird how I feel quite like home in this country. And lovely.

Volim Zagrebu ali mrzim hladnoću

Oh my oh my, I’m starting to feel how cold I’m gonna be the next few months. I’m so not ready for this. But this place is beautiful in any season… I can’t wait for the snow to come. And Christmas!

Apart from that, life in Zagreb is making me feel stable. Office, plans in the city, friends that are coming to visit… All is finally turning into a normal life here. Just what I needed: a routine that looks like what I had back home but in another country… So even though it’s normal, everything is new. Does that make sense?

In a couple of weeks I’ll go to Ljubljana again and after that I hope I can go visit some friends in countries nearby. I like where Croatia is placed… It’s close to many cities I find interesting.

Anyway, let’s see what future holds!

Summer is almost over

So many things have happened since I last wrote a post in here.

After my first week in Samobor, I came back to help some more days. The 2CV festival was crazy. I enjoyed a lot and made a lot of friends there. When it was over, some of the volunteers wanted to spend a night in Zagreb and, well… Five of them slept in my apartment. First sleepover!

After that, Lika Summer Camp started in Veliki Žitnik. It was my first time there also. The volunteers who came to this short term ESC were amazing. Every day they would surprise us with a new meal or a new way to work together while having fun.

On the free days during these two weeks, we had the opportunity to go to the seaside. Oh my, I love Croatian seaside so much. That day was one of the best days I had all summer. I realised a lot of things. Finally, I was starting to feel home in this country and I was making some friends in Zagreb, little by little, which is making me feel more confortable and safe.

I also had a trip to the hospital in Gospić because an allergic reaction. Nothing serious but since I’m talking about my first times…

When the ESC ended, I went back to Spain to visit my family and came back just a day before my on arrival training started. It helped me in so many ways…

I could tell how lucky I am not only to be part of an EVS, but also how lucky I am to be in this specific project and in this organisation.

And I will continue soon, in another post…

Idemo u Samobor!

First time out of Zagreb volunteering! We helped preparing the 2CV world meeting.

I was so scared to leave at first since I had only been in Croatia for a week. But in the end everything worked out pretty well, people were super nice and since I was there for a week surrounded by Croatians, I could learn a lot of useful words and sentences.

Last weekend I was able to visit some friends in Vienna, which was great. And in two days I’ll go back to Samobor. The festival is already happening so I’m very excited to see how our volunteers are doing and if everything is good around there.

I’ve been working at the office also, and funny fact – I thought that would be the part of my EVS that I’d enjoy the least but it’s actually becoming my favourite. I love working here!

First week

How I found Žabac, went to Ljubljana and arrived to the office.

I arrived on Thursday and I was starting to get a feeling of regret. What am I doing here? I know no one, I don’t speak Croatian, it’s a year… What am I getting into?

Then I got out of the airport and my mentor came to pick me up. We had dinner together, talked a bit and then it was time to go to my apartment. My flatmate was out in a youth exchange so I slept alone that night. I started unpacking my things but I was super tired from the flight so I fell asleep.

In the morning I finished unpacking and my room actually started looking like it was mine. I went shopping, came back and later that day I met Gin. Finally! We introduced ourselves, talked, went out for a bit… I talked about how amazing this food outlet place is. I stand for Žabac.

I went to the office on Friday, met some of the people there, went to the center of the city at night and on Saturday I went to Ljubljana to visit a friend. Came back on Sunday.

Now it’s Tuesday and I’m leaving to Samobor for a week as a part of the 2CV volunteering project we’re in. Isn’t it crazy? I’ve been here for less than a week and I’m already leaving. Also yesterday I got a lamp and a TV for free. This place is amazing!

Final thoughts: I love Zagreb, I like my job here and there’s free coffee in the office (yay!).

Now for real. I’m happy to be here and I’m really looking forward to finding out what’s next. EVS here I come!

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